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“With sensalytics we have found an intelligent, effective solution for access control, without any complicated installation. This allows us to relieve our branches and at the same time provide additional protection for our customers and employees.“

Malte Kuhn
Head of Project Management at ALDI SÜD


The sensalytics platform offers an easy way to control access via a DIGITAL LIGHT INDICATOR. This intuitive display is available as a standard view within the sensalytics platform and can serve as basic information for your staff to take appropriate steps. Furthermore, it is possible to display this digital traffic light directly to your customers via screens. This way you create a simple and AUTOMATIC ACCESS CONTROL and can REDUCE THE PERSONNEL DEPLOYMENT.

Since sensalytics works in REAL-TIME, you have full control over the OCCUPANCY of your spaces at all times. This enables you to always react in time. Therefore, sensalytics informs you and your employees without delay via WEB SERVICE, E-MAIL or SMS.

Existing SIGNAL AND AUDIO SYSTEMS can also be controlled. Use already established systems on site and inform your employees about announcements on their headsets or display information about the current level with an indicator light.

“We are absolutely thrilled about our cooperation with sensalytics, which has already begun with the highly effi cient, Europe-wide roll-out, which is unparalleled.“

Alexander Mahler
Head Of Retail Operations


The Hamburg-based fashion company TOM TAILOR offers clothing, accessories, shoes, and home articles in 30 countries worldwide - making it one of the most important German brands in the field of fashion.


The product range is available via wholesalers, retailers, and the company’s own online shop. Tom Tailor operates some of its stores, while others are franchised. In addition, the Tom Tailor brand can be purchased in the shop-in-shop-areas and multi-label outlets.


“With sensalytics we get a full view of the visitor flow in the entire OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. The intuitive analytics platform and meaningfully structured data help us in operations every day and serve as a foundation for answering strategic questions of the future.“

Dr. Stefan Hoffmann
Managing Director


With 270 premium and luxury brands online and offline, the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN is Europe’s No. 1 omnichannel outlet. It all started with the HUGO BOSS warehouse sale almost 50 years ago. With more than 4 million visitors from 185 nations every year, OUTLETCITY METZINGEN is one of the most popular outlets in Europe and, with more than 25 million online visitors a year, is also a top player in the digital world. In order to keep a close eye on what is happening in the OUTLETCITY METZINGEN and to recognize potential for optimization, all visitors to the entire outlet and the visitors to the individual brand stores need to be counted with PEOPLE COUNTING by sensalytics. Combined with the brand store's sales data provided by the REVENUE TRACKING solution, this creates a 360° view which serves as the base for both strategic and operational decisions.

In the sensalytics cloud-based analytics portal, all collected KPIs are processed and meaningfully combined. The result is a full view which is essential for the center management's decision-making: passers-by, capture rate, visitors, revenue and conversion rate.

“Thanks to the technology and technical expertise of sensalytics, we can analyze what is happening on the floor with high precision. This provides the perfect foundation for strategic process optimization. As a strong partner, sensalytics helps us to collect relevant key figures and interpret them correctly.“

Manuel Behr
Head Of Leasing, Aachener Grundvermögen


MÜNSTER ARKADEN is a shopping center that has been around since 2006 and is centrally located in the historical Principal Market in Münster (North Rhine-Westphalia).


MÜNSTER ARKADEN houses a total of 23,600 m² of retail space on three floors, on which there are restaurants, numerous retail shops, and the central branch of the public bank, Sparkasse Münsterland Ost.


Based on its location alone, the mall is a relevant factor in the revitalization and general attractiveness of the city center. A product range tailored to the customers and a diverse range of gastronomic choices are essential driving factors for the general success of shopping centers and department stores. They help ensure that a shopping center like MÜNSTER ARKADEN is and remains an asset to the pedestrian zone.

“True to the motto 'Data has a better idea', at The Latest we rely on sensalytics to provide baseline KPIs for both operational and strategic decision-making. Our customers also benefit from the data to constantly improve.“

Dhi Matiole Nunes


In the fall of 2020, the Munich-based agency Avantgarde opened The Latest on Berlin's Kurfürstendamm, the store of tomorrow: curated products from startups, young and established brands are presented on 260 square meters. Interested customers can try out and test the products on site. To make what happens on the floor measurable and analyzable, all visitors to the store are to be counted with sensalytics PEOPLE COUNTING as they enter and the walking paths across the entire sales floor are to be constantly tracked with the PATH ANALYTICS solution. For each person moving in this store, the sensors constantly determine the position in the space and transmit it to the sensalytics cloud. For the individual products in the store, this makes it possible to analyze how many customers engaged with which product and for how long.All movement data is transmitted in real time to the sensalytics cloud, where it is processed and edited. The display formats are diverse and range from a sorted table and diagrams to animated heat maps with the data over the course of the day. In addition to the quick overview provided by the cockpit, the data can also be conveniently accessed via API and integrated into existing BI systems.

“With sensalytics we have an established partner at our side who helps us to keep an eye on the visitor flow at HANSA-PARK and to actively manage it.“

Tim Neben
Head of Central Purchasing


HANSA-PARK is a seasonal leisure park in the north of Germany, 30 km north of the world cultural heritage site of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. The maritime park area in the most beautiful location on the Baltic Sea with an area of 46 hectares is divided into more than 10 theme areas, in which roller coasters and water rides, various family attractions and numerous join-in attractions are harmoniously integrated under the theme “HANSE“.

Within the scope of professional visitor guidance, all visitors should be counted automatically when entering and leaving HANSA-PARK (PEOPLE COUNTING). This gives the management an overview at all times of how many visitors are currently at HANSA-PARK. In addition, the visitor flows at the visitor-intensive attractions will also be automated and recorded in real time in order to derive a real-time forecast of the waiting time for each attraction (OCCUPANCY MANAGEMENT). This will be displayed live to visitors at HANSA-PARK on information monitors and in the HANSA-PARK app. The aim of this display is to optimize the visit planning in the park for the guests and thus contribute to an improved customer journey.

“We use sensalytics as our essential retail dashboard to keep track of all relevant metrics to benchmark our worldwide stores. All relevant information is in sight in real-time, wherever we are, whenever we want.“

Oliver Stark
Head of Retail


The constant search for innovation, the visionary use of materials and many years of experience in eyewear design characterize the collections of MYKITA. Decisive for the success of the eyewear manufacturer, founded in 2003, is the holistically practiced corporate philosophy, which combines expertise from all areas under one roof: the MYKITA HAUS.

MYKITA relies on sensalytics to measure the performance in the worldwide MYKITA stores as well as to optimize and control the processes. With the PEOPLE COUNTING and REVENUE TRACKING solutions, MYKITA tracks passers-by and visitors of their stores, as well as revenue-related metrics such as net sales, average receipt and conversion rate. With the sensalytics Retail Dashboard, MYKITA's management gets a complete overview of the performance of the individual stores and regions at all times and is able to make fact-based decisions. The store managers can plan the deployment of personnel more specifically and the visitor numbers enable the marketing team to evaluate their campaigns and actions.


“sensalytics supports us in benchmarking and comparing our stores. We can optimize staffing and provide an improved service quality with sensalytics data as the foundation.“

Stefan Schmitt
Field Director Shop Service and Management


Sparkasse Altötting Mühldorf: Important for people and business. The business model is based on key values such as trust, reliability and responsibility. The Sparkasse uses the advantages, strengths and opportunities to get involved as a large financial service provider in the region. Sparkasse Altötting-Mühldorf is involved in the 33 branches (including six self-service branches) with over 500 local employees.

How many people enter the branch and how many are in it at the same time? How many customers use the self-service area and what is the share of people who also go to the service area? These and many more questions are answered with the sensalytics PEOPLE COUNTING solution. The sensalytics system is the central analytics tool for the location benchmark regarding people counting. Staffing and opening times are optimized based on these facts in order to be able to offer customers an even better service on site.

“sensalytics is the perfect partner when it comes to footfall tracking and managing cleaning teams for our more than 60 sanitary rooms. By using Managed Cleaning we were able to further increase the satisfaction of fair visitors and can optimally schedule the cleaning staff.“

Simon Schilling
Infrastructure Services


Messe Frankfurt is the world's largest trade fair, congress and event organizer with its own site, with more than 2,300 employees at around 30 locations worldwide. At certain fairs, Messe Frankfurt counts over 800,000 visitors, spread over eleven exhibition halls and more than 60 sanitary rooms. Cleaning teams need to ensure consistently clean sanitary facilities and sufficient supplies of consumables despite the high demand.

With the sensalytics MANAGED CLEANING solution, Messe Franfkurt has a tool at its fingertips that makes cleaning on-demand a breeze. All visitors to the sanitary facilities are tracked via 3D sensors. The sensalytics rule-based notification engine automatically monitors the visit intervals and notifies the on-site cleaning teams via SMS and e-mail, if required. The previously used time-based cleaning strategy (“Check every two hours“) was transfered into an intelligent, demand-driven cleaning strategy with sensalytics.

“With sensalytics we monitor the visits and the utilization in our canteens in real time. We can react to short-term peak times early and increase our service quality. Retrospective analyzes also enable us to more efficiently plan resources.“

Jürgen Feil
Managing Director


Küchenservice Jürgen Feil GmbH was founded as a successor to the company Werner Schmitt SAP Großküche on January 01, 1999 and thus already looks back on several decades of experience in the field of catering. The number of employees has been gradually increased with specialists from the large and small catering sector and now has almost 90 employees. In addition to the operation of canteens and company restaurants Küchenservice Jürgen Feil GmbH uses the longtime experience also for catering at events of SAP and others.

In the course of commissioning a new food hall, Küchenservice Jürgen Feil GmbH uses solutions by sensalytics: With OCCUPANCY MANAGEMENT, all guests of the company restaurant are counted in real time and the current utilization of the canteen is determined. This information can be accessed at any time via the sensalytics app and the portal. Individual notifications at certain thresholds also provide automatic early detection. Peak times are noticed by the staff in good time with sensalytics, so they can respond quickly. Thus, the waiting time of the guests is minimized and at the same time their satisfaction increased.


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