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“We are absolutely thrilled about our cooperation with sensalytics, which has already begun with the highly effi cient, Europe-wide roll-out, which is unparalleled.“

Alexander Mahler

Head Of Retail Operations


The Hamburg-based fashion company TOM TAILOR offers clothing, accessories, shoes, and home articles in 30 countries worldwide - making it one of the most important German brands in the field of fashion.


The product range is available via wholesalers, retailers, and the company’s own online shop. Tom Tailor operates some of its stores, while others are franchised. In addition, the Tom Tailor brand can be purchased in the shop-in-shop-areas and multi-label outlets.



The customer was looking for a RETAIL ANALYTICS SYSTEM for all the company-operated stores in Europe, in order to organize PERSONNEL PLANNING for each store individually based on the data collected. Another goal was to determine the individual STORE PERFORMANCE, i.e. to analyze which visitors actually make purchases.


The main task here was to assess the FREQUENCY IN EACH INDIVIDUAL STORE whereby a distinction should be made between the gender (male/female). Moreover, the customer wished to be able to perform TARGET GROUP ANALYSIS based on this gender distinction.

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