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Wer ist das, was machen die & wieso Zusammenarbeit?

“With sensalytics we have found an intelligent, effective solution for access control, without any complicated installation. This allows us to relieve our branches and at the same time provide additional protection for our customers and employees.“

Malte Kuhn
Head of Project Management at ALDI SÜD





EXASOL is a strategic solutions partner of sensalytics. With EXASOL's EXASolution sensalytics is powered by the fastest database system in the world (according to the TPC-H benchmark). This means for you: real-time data and analysis and fast access to your numbers.


Xovis, a swiss high-tech company, produces 3D sensors for people tracking. In addition to the highly accurate counting of people, Xovis goes one step further with its people counting models:

Thanks to the unique ability to combine 3D sensors and thus cover an almost infinite area as an overall image, Xovis is the partner of choice when it comes to PATH ANALYTICS.

sensalytics and Xovis have been partners since 2014 and have always kept pace with the times. The combination of swiss precision in sensor technology and the analytical perfection of sensalytics represents a symbiosis that guarantees the best of the best to you.

Richner Stutz

Richnerstutz is a leading company in Switzerland for the realization of advertising and communication measures indoors and outdoors and ensures impressive staging of messages and appearances in the areas of large format, signage, advertising technology and interior design - everything from a single source.


If desired, Richnerstutz can use Sensalytics to analyze and measure the number of visitors and the flow of people at the touchpoint, thus offering customers relevant insights and key figures for on-site optimization, success measurements or predictions for future marketing measures. This anonymous and data protection-compliant personal registration using sensors is evaluated via a platform and can be interpreted easily and understandably thanks to the user-friendly dashboard.


There is nothing like the laser counters of LASE PeCo when it comes to track passers-by. With its precision and the covered area, there is no better solution for outdoor tracking.


For more than 20 years, xplace has been an internationally active digital signage provider for the digitization of customer contact at the point of sale. After the consultation, the conception and the implementation of successful space concepts, xplace takes care of the digitization project of its customers with a reliable service. An in-house content team develops individual content that ensures that it is played out precisely on the installed screens.

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