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“With sensalytics we have an established partner at our side who helps us to keep an eye on the visitor flow at HANSA-PARK and to actively manage it.“

Tim Neben
Head of Central Purchasing


HANSA-PARK is a seasonal leisure park in the north of Germany, 30 km north of the world cultural heritage site of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. The maritime park area in the most beautiful location on the Baltic Sea with an area of 46 hectares is divided into more than 10 theme areas, in which roller coasters and water rides, various family attractions and numerous join-in attractions are harmoniously integrated under the theme “HANSE“.

The park was opened on May 15, 1977 and has since then continuously developed and invested in numerous innovative novelties. Since 2009 alone, a total of 10 new ride and join-in attractions have been opened. Among them, in 2015 with the oath of KÄRNAN one of Germany's two highest hypercoasters and in 2019 the Highlander, the world's highest gyro drop freefall tower with a height of 120 m. Parallel to the numerous attractions, the theming of the HANSE has been consistently pursued and HANSA-PARK has established itself as a top destination for the whole family.



Within the scope of professional visitor guidance, all visitors should be counted automatically when entering and leaving HANSA-PARK. This gives the management an overview at all times of how many visitors are currently at HANSA-PARK. In addition to the possibility of adjusting the operative handling in real time, this data is also to be analyzed historically in order to be able to investigate changes in visitor behavior.

In addition, the visitor flows at the visitor-intensive attractions will also be automated and recorded in real time in order to derive a real-time forecast of the waiting time for each attraction. This will be displayed live to visitors at HANSA-PARK on information monitors and in the HANSA-PARK app. The aim of this display is to optimize the visit planning in the park for the guests and thus contribute to an improved customer journey.

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