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sensalytics and DOUGLAS launch partnership in in-store tracking

Stuttgart, January 26, 2024. DOUGLAS, Europe's leading omnichannel destination for premium beauty, is using the technology of Stuttgart-based SaaS company sensalytics for comprehensive path analytics tracking as part of a pilot project. A total of twenty 3D sensors precisely track customer movements in the test store. The aim is to analyze the data to determine how adjustments to the layout affect customer behavior and store performance. The technology is also used for data-based optimization of product placement.

The technology enables an unprecedented detailed analysis of customer movements by dividing the store into six main zones, which in turn are divided into around 90 specific zones. This division provides the basis for a comprehensive analysis of customer behavior in the various store areas. Using sensalytics' Object Rule Engine (ORE), customers are anonymized and divided into groups based on their behaviour. This enables those responsible to develop and implement targeted marketing strategies.

ORE: Turning paths into KPIs

The ORE from sensalytics uses the data from the 3D sensors that scan the areas and track visitor movements. As a result, meaningful key figures are generated from walking patterns, bringing clarity to visitor flows and precisely assigning detailed information.

Expansion of Dynamic Core Retail Reportings

This technological advance serves to expand DOUGLAS' Dynamic Core Retail Reporting. It combines real-time data and flexible analysis methods to provide retailers with more precise insights into their business model. Dynamic Core Retail Reporting can be seen as a state-of-the-art, flexible and detailed dashboard for retailers. It helps them to better understand and manage their business.

"Dynamic Core Retail Reporting provides retailers with deeper insights into customer behavior. With our technology, we significantly expand these insights by providing highly accurate data in real time. This leads to improved and data-driven analytics to accurately determine key productivity metrics" explains Omar Tello, CEO and founder of sensalytics.

For better product placement: measuring dwell time and customer footfall

The first steps in the collaboration between sensalytics and DOUGLAS include analyzing the effects of store layout adjustments on specific customer behavior and location performance. The Stuttgart-based company is also analyzing customer frequency and dwell time in the various store areas in order to determine optimal product placements that can improve the customer experience and ultimately increase sales.

About sensalytics

sensalytics is a real-life tracking company founded in Stuttgart in 2015. Using highly accurate, GDPR-compliant 3D sensor technology and an intuitive, cloud-based analysis platform, movement data of people and objects can be determined and analyzed in real time and with millimeter precision. The SaaS company operates in numerous sectors, including food and fashion retail, amusement parks and Industry 4.0. Founded by Omar Tello and Dominik Laubach, the company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness the motion data obtained for the strategic and operational optimization of processes and spaces. Its more than 500 customers from 10 sectors include Aldi Süd, TOM TAILOR, SAP, Messe Frankfurt, OUTLETCITY Metzingen and Legoland.

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