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Patent application: Stuttgart-based sensalytics develops sensor-based loss prevention solution for brick-and-mortar retail 

Stuttgart, May 15 2023.

Shoplifting costs the brick-and-mortar retail industry tens of millions of dollars every year - especially in the food and fashion sectors. The need for improved loss prevention systems is therefore relevant to the entire retail sector. The Stuttgart-based software company sensalytics has now applied for a new patent for a loss prevention solution in the retail sector. The new technology is designed to detect and convict potential shoplifters in real time using GDPR-compliant sensor technology. 


High-precision 3D sensors detect all movement patterns of people on the floor and classify them into different categories. If the sensalytics system identifies someone as a potential thief based on their behavior, existing security grids at the entrance are activated as soon as that person moves toward the exit. Doors can also be automatically closed. The sensalytics loss prevention system classifies potential shoplifters based on pre-determined patterns of movement and does not require identification. Personal characteristics such as age, gender or ethnicity play no role in assessing the likelihood of theft. The system thus eliminates any discriminatory bias. The loss prevention solution from sensalytics builds on the existing tracking system of the company, which was founded in 2015. The system is DSGVO compliant. 

Sensor-based theft protection offers numerous advantages for retailers 

The system developed by sensalytics goes beyond currently available systems: sensalytics' sensor-based real-time tracking permanently detects a person classified as a potential thief and automatically activates the merchandise security grid. Alternatives that, for example, inform a detective that someone has stolen something work in real time, but cannot track the thief throughout the store and thus cannot ensure that the right person is caught at the exit. Also, thieves who remove electronic security tags from merchandise will still be flagged and caught by the sensalytics system. This makes sensalytics' patent-pending loss prevention system a unique, innovative and secure anti-theft system. 

About sensalytics 


sensalytics analyzes, visualizes and forecasts visitor flows of any kind using intelligent, GDPR-compliant sensor technology. Founded in 2015 by Omar Tello and Dominik Laubach, the Stuttgart-based company offers its customers an all-in-one solution with 3D sensors in combination with a powerful analysis platform, on which visitor flows, frequencies and customer routes are visible in real time. sensalytics also provides forecasts for future occupancy rates and direct recommendations for action using the so-called CX Engine. Retail brands such as Aldi Süd, Münster Arkaden, Outletcity Metzingen, Tom Tailor and the retail-as-a-service stores The Latest, Vaund and urban bird rely on sensalytics to optimize the customer journey and increase their conversion rate. 

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