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sensalytics becomes part of the omlox technology standard and expands tracking options for Industry 4.0

  • As part of the new membership, sensalytics will become the omlox hub for asset tracking and analytics.

  • Previously, the company was primarily active in people tracking, especially in the retail sector.

  • Omlox is a technology standard for Industry 4.0.

Stuttgart, September 13 2023.

As part of its new membership in the omlox community, the Stuttgart-based software-as-a-service company sensalytics now offers asset tracking for Industry 4.0. The company, which was previously known primarily for highly accurate and GPDR-compliant analytics in the area of people tracking, is now expanding the possibilities for Industry 4.0 to operate asset tracking and analytics through omlox.


Enhanced capabilities for optimized asset tracking & location analytics.

Omlox is the world's first open location standard and enables interoperability in indoor and outdoor location using different technologies. In the areas of asset tracking and location analytics, sensalytics now offers enhanced capabilities with its technology. 


"We are excited to now be part of the omlox community and provide our software to the Industry 4.0 space. This is a logical next step for us in the strategy of sensalytics, Industry 4.0 is an important future market and requires the best tracking - that we offer this, we have proven for many years", says Omar Tello, CEO of sensalytics.

sensalytics becomes location middleware and location-based app

As part of its omlox membership, sensalytics will offer two components within the omlox network. On the one hand, the sensalytics platform will become an OMLOX HUB that can interact with all omlox-certified sensors and with all omlox-certified apps on the other. Furthermore, the GUIs and API of the sensalytics system will be usable as location-based apps for asset tracking and analytics.

About sensalytics 


sensalytics analyzes, visualizes and forecasts visitor flows of any kind using intelligent, GDPR-compliant sensor technology. Founded in 2015 by Omar Tello and Dominik Laubach, the Stuttgart-based company offers its customers an all-in-one solution with 3D sensors in combination with a powerful analysis platform, on which visitor flows, frequencies and customer routes are visible in real time. sensalytics also provides forecasts for future occupancy rates and direct recommendations for action using the so-called CX Engine. Retail brands such as Aldi Süd, Münster Arkaden, Outletcity Metzingen, Tom Tailor and the retail-as-a-service stores The Latest, Vaund and urban bird rely on sensalytics to optimize the customer journey and increase their conversion rate. 

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